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25 Branded Corporate Gift Ideas

By Sendoso
Branded Corporate Gift Ideas
Are you using branded corporate gifts to entice your prospects and customers? How about to welcome aboard your new employees?

This practice is now becoming commonplace in businesses across the globe. But why?

Branded business gifts are a trend among companies that want to connect and build relationships with important people. What makes branded gifts successful is that they do two things:

  1. Act as a kind gesture to the recipient
  2. Help to promote your brand and its culture

So whether you’re looking to win over more clients or show appreciation to workers to improve retention rates, company branded gifts are a great option.

But what is the best corporate gift to give a customer or employee? Let’s take a look.

What is the Best Corporate Gift for Employees and Clients?

The purpose of gifts is to make the recipient feel special. Some will say branded gifts detract from the gesture because it feels like promotional products. However, if you do your due diligence, you’ll be able to do both — please your customers and employees, while instilling your brand into their minds. 

To do this, you’ll need to focus on several things:

  • Personalization: The gift should feel personable, not like just another swag bag everyone else received. 
  • Personality: Get to know your client or employee to learn what they like so you can find a gift that resonates with them. 
  • Usefulness: Find a functional gift that can be used over and over. 
  • Quality: Make sure the gift is tasteful — nothing that’s cheap or will break easily. 

Keep these things in mind as you’re searching around for branded corporate gift ideas. To help you along, we put together our own list of company branded gifts to get your creative juices flowing.

Branded Corporate Gift Ideas to Buy Your Clients (or Employees)

Custom Branded Corporate Gifts with Sendoso
Alright, so let’s jump right into 25 great ideas for branded business gifts to appeal to your customers and workers.

1. Desk Succulent Plant

Send with Sendoso via: Lula’s Garden

A plan that’s hard to kill makes for the perfect corporate branded gift. It’ll sit on their desk for years, displaying your logo for all to see. Choose from a variety of different succulents, then personalize the holder with your logo.

2. Selfie Stick Tripod

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Know an employee or customer who creates videos using their smartphone? Then get them a selfie stick they can hold or set up as a tripod atop their desk.

3. Custom Bobblehead

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Turn your employee or customer into a bobblehead wearing your logo. Just send in the photo, and you’ll have a 7″ bobblehead to send as a branded corporate gift.

4. Cookies in a Branded Box

Send with Sendoso via: The Cravory

You can’t go wrong sending a branded treat to your customers. They’ll enjoy snacking on your cookies and will likely remember you the next time they need your product or service.

5. California Wild Mixer Wine Basket

Send with Sendoso via: In Good Taste

Send a wine-loving client a wine basket for the holidays, birthday, or just because. Make sure to personalize it with your logo so they’ll know who to thank for happy hour.

6. Handpicked Gourmet Basket

Send with Sendoso via: Gift Basket Overseas

Don’t just brand your gourmet basket; personalize it with handpicked pastry treats. This gift basket comes with rugelach with vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon. Plus, pastries are made with chocolate, raspberry, and cinnamon.

7. Custom Calendar

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

If you want a gift that reminds customers of your brand, then a branded 12-month calendar is the way to go. You get to choose the photos used for each month, adding the perfect personal touch to make you stand out.

8. Personalized Company Swag

Send with Sendoso via: Acrobat Branding Group

Need to send a personalized gift to an employee or client? Consider company swag bags that matches their lifestyle. For instance, choose fitness gear with a drinkware, bag, frisbee, and other items to get them moving on the weekend.

9. DIY Chocolate Chip Cookies

Send with Sendoso via: The Cravory

Have a new employee or customer who enjoys baking? Then they’ll love this DIY chocolate chip cookies in a jar kit. It comes with enough cookie mix to make 14 cookies.

10. Snack Box

Send with Sendoso via: SnackNation

Is there an event coming up soon? Or maybe you’ll be hosting a virtual event and want to give out treats to enjoy during the show. Choose from a number of snack box varieties to suit the occasion.

11. Mini Rub Jars

Branded pack of spices for corporate gifting

Send with Sendoso via: Spiceology

Not only is this a delicious way to spice up your customers’ dishes. It also allows them to give back, since 10% of proceeds are donated to food banks and pantries throughout the U.S. This gift comes with six jars of flavors like smoky honey habanero and chile margarita citrus rub.

12. Webcam Cover

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

This is the perfect gift for customers and employees who are wary of hackers. It comes with three metal covers — black, pink, and silver.

13. Desk Himalayan Salt Lamp

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Help keep your customers’ air clean with a Himalayan salt lamp. It works like an air purifier, but without the chemicals. And it has a dimmer switch to control the volume of the light.

14. Custom PopSocket

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Personalize this gift with the employee’s or customer’s name. The popsocket can be used with both smartphones and tablets.

15. Cloud Magnetic Key Holder

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Help your customers to never lose their keys again with this cloud magnet key holder. It comes with four and can be mounted onto any wall. Choose between all-white or multi-color clouds.

16. Mug Warmer

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Your customers will no longer have to worry about cold coffee, tea, and hot chocolate again. This mug warmer is electric and has an auto shut-off.

17. Puppy Starter Kit

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Have a customer who recently adopted a puppy? Then send along a puppy starter kit. It comes with grooming gloves, bowls, grooming tools, and toys.

18. Hardcover Notebook

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Send your employees and customers a branded hardcover notebook to write down notes, ideas, and aspirations. It’s made with quality to ensure it lasts for years.

19. Magnetic Bottle Opener

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Help your employees and customers wind down after work with a quick and easy way to pop open a cold one. This magnetic bottle opener is wall-mountable and comes with a net at the bottom to catch the bottle caps.

20. Golf Accessories Gift Set

branded Golf Accessories Gift Set

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Know an employee or customer with love for golf? Then this accessory gift set will delight them. It comes with a club brush, golf tee holder, ball marker, foldable divot repair tool, and groove cleaner. Just add your logo to make each golf outing a reminder of your brand.

21. Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Make sitting at the computer for extended periods more comfortable with this quality seat cushion. It’s designed to help ease pain in the legs, sciatica, and back. Choose between a black, blue, gray, or burgundy computer seat cushion.

22. Microwavable Heated Slippers

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

This is the perfect gift during the wintertime, especially for customers who live in colder climates. Just place the foot warmers in the microwave and slide them into the slipper. This is also a great lead in to a handwritten letter with a joke about getting cold feet.

23. Toiletry Bag

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Make traveling less of a hassle for your customers with this toiletry bag. It comes with straps and a hanging hook, making it easier to open and find what you’re looking for. Plus, it beats having to search through luggage for small, but essential items.

24. Hercules Tuff Charging Station

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Here’s a gift that’ll help customers prevent dead devices. It can charge six smartphones and tablets at once. And it sure beats traveling with a bag of chargers! You can choose between colors like silver, pink, and blue.

25. Snute Double-Wall Stainless Steel Tumblers

Send with Sendoso via: Amazon

Here’s a quality tumbler cups gift set for employees and customers who enjoy whiskey. It’s made with wood and stainless steel, making it sweat-proof. Plus, it’s BPA-free.

Send Custom Branded Corporate Gifts with Sendoso

insolated branded corporate mug

When you decide to send branded corporate gifts to customers, you want to make it as special as possible. This way, it feels personal and not like a sales gimmick.

At Sendoso, we work together with businesses to select creative and interesting branded gifts their customers will appreciate. We have a large warehouse of ready-to-ship items and dozens of gifting companies we partner with to ensure this.

But we’re not just a gift shipping company. We have a B2B platform designed to turn your corporate gifting habits into a strategy that integrates with your current programs and marketing campaigns.

You can select the item you want to send a customer using tools like Marketo and Salesforce (among others). You get to choose how you want the item packaged (i.e., with a branded box, handwritten note, etc.). You can follow your orders via the platform, so you know exactly when they receive them.

This makes timing outreach simpler and more effective. Analytics is also at your fingertips, which means you can finally measure the efficiency of your corporate gifting efforts.

Ready to get started sending branded corporate gifts? Then request a demo with us today!

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