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Corporate Gifts for Employees

Engaged employees who feel valued can make the office a great place to spend time every day. Celebrating milestones like new hires, employee anniversaries, and promotions can give every employee (not just the recipient) the feeling of working somewhere that truly values them. Plus, incentive gifts for customer-facing teams like sales, marketing, and customer support can boost productivity and job satisfaction, making everyone’s daily grind a little better. Overall, good gifting can engage employees in a way that verbal praise or yearly reviews just can’t match.
Picking corporate gifts for employees seems like a quick, easy process—and it can be. But if you want to make a splash with some gifts that will fully show your appreciation for their efforts, a bit of planning and forethought can make the gifting process truly successful.

Why Gifting Your Employees Matters (and How to Do it Right)

While great benefits, competitive salaries, and flexible job perks may entice employees to come aboard and stay for the long haul, it’s the unexpected gestures that make the message ring true. The perfect gift is always welcomed, and not just at the holidays. They can be used to celebrate milestones, tenure, onboarding, new employee referrals, or recognize someone who went above and beyond in service of a goal or a deadline.
Corporate birthday Gifts for Employees

To make the best impact with your employee gifts, we recommend following several best practices during your campaign planning and execution. These process improvements can make the gifting initiative easier for your HR or administrative staff, and create a memorable experience for your recipients.

  1. Create a campaign and budget just as you would for any other gifting initiative, such as sending prospecting gifts or client appreciation gifts. Outline the goals of your campaign and set parameters for how recipients will receive their gifts (for instance, a gift placed on a desk may still have packaging requirements, while remote employees will need to have shipping fees factored into the planning and budget).
  2. Ensure good etiquette for gifting. For instance, keep gifts within the same general monetary value, and follow any corporate guidelines in place.
  3. Practice great personalization, making the gift feel like it was selected especially for the employee. Doing so makes a great impression. There are several ways to personalize gifts for your employees, and many creative ways to bring your personalization ideas to life.
  4. Consider creating a swag or gift store, allowing employees to choose the gift that most speaks to them. This is achieved with an automated sending platform, which can give you control over the types and value of gifts selected, based on selected criteria (for instance, years of service.)
  5. Make your gifting initiatives a year-round effort. With holiday gifts being “expected,” the item that shows up on an anniversary, renewal, birthday or even “just because” is far more impactful and emotionally evocative for your recipients. Also consider the power of gifting for programs like contests, SPIFFS, incentive programs, and more.

Small Plants

Plants are always a nice touch for an office space or in the home. For an elegant touch that brightens up a space, succulents from Lula’s Garden will be sure to delight your recipients, and bring a touch of summer no matter the time of year.

Personalized Gifts

Creating a special connection by sending a truly personal gift is easy, with many selections available that reflect the professional interests, hobbies, and causes of your unique recipients. Team gear, charity donations, experience gifts based on their interests—all of these items can make your employee feel truly seen and valued within the organization.

Gourmet Sweets

Something sweet is always a welcome find at your desk or in your mailbox. Even better when there’s enough to share with friends and family. There is a wide variety of treats and sweets to please everyone on your list: Fresh fruit, gourmet nuts and cheeses, cupcakes and cookies, or even heartier selections like smoked and fresh meat and meals. This Ghirardelli chocolate celebration gift basket is attractive and delicious. (Be sure any selections you make are allergen-friendly and tailored to dietary considerations where needed).

Branded Tumblers

If you want your team’s cup to runneth over (with appreciation!), consider a well-customized branded tumbler so they can enjoy their favorite beverage in the office and beyond. This tumbler set from Corkcicle ($90) makes a great addition to a picnic, and can be used to travel with any beverage that benefits from staying icy cold.

eGift Cards

Gift cards are the item that always fits. Using a gift card is a great way to ensure everyone gets exactly what they want. Gift cards are especially practical for those surprise gifts to recognize a staffer who goes the extra mile. You can personalize your gift card easily; You can consider offerings like Bass Pro Shop for the outdoorsy type, lunch or coffee cards for the employee on the go, experience gift cards to local venues or national ticket brokers for teams, or even an Amazon card to put a world of choice at your recipient’s fingertips.

Branded Clothing

Branded clothing is an excellent way to take care of the members on your team, in the office, and away. Branded and personalized items like fleeces, accessories, vests, rain slickers, and even comfy plaid PJ’s can make a great impression, keeping them comfortable and showing your appreciation. Want to encourage your hard-working employees to kick their feet up (on the desk, even!) A cool pair of branded socks, like these super stylish and outrageously comfortable ones.

Fun Desk Items

If you’re looking to create a sense of fun and whimsy in your office, a fun desk item is the perfect place to start. Mug warmers and coffee cups, board games for the common area, toys such as Lego or Magnatiles, and even wellness items like salt lamps or stress balls can give your gift just the right touch. This Ember USB-rechargeable mug keeps beverages at a perfect temperature for those times when you get distracted by a project after you’ve brewed your morning joe.

Local Flavors and Products

Is your HQ city or your employee’s hometown also the home of a trendy product or an original food item? Show your local color by incorporating this theme into your giving. You can highlight local flavors like Wisconsin Cheddar, Vermont maple, or Buffalo’s most famous sauce, or select local artisan treats and sweets into your gifting for a truly personalized experience for your recipients.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noisy office spaces are no match for a clever and useful electronic gift, such as these Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. They’re comfortable, practical, and help everyone get through the day with less distraction and more power-jams. These could be personalized with a branded or inscribed soft case for easy transport and use.

unique Gift Ideas for Your Employees

10 Real Gift Ideas for Your Employees

virtual wine tasting as an employee gift

1. Virtual Tasting + 8-Pack of Wine

Sendoso Partner: In Good Taste

Description: What comes with each In Good Taste Virtual Tasting…

  • General high-level knowledge about how to taste wines
  • A deep dive into 2-3 grapes of your choosing
  • Fun facts and wine trivia about the grape and region when their California wines are harvested
  • What to look for when buying wines at a grocery store or wine shop

Each tasting is about 75 minutes long. You are welcome to present at the beginning of the event for a maximum of 10 minutes. Each tasting is personalized for you and your group, so let them know in advance if there are wine-related subjects you want to explore!

Braided Money Tree workplace gift idea

2. Old Fashioned Kit

Sendoso Partner: Present Day

Description: This Gift Includes: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, Sour Cherries, Preserved Orange Slices, DSB Bitters, Jigger, and a Dark Chocolate Bar.

spa kit for an employee present

3. Just Breathe Spa Gift

Sendoso Partner: Knack Shops

Includes: Coconut Bath Soak, Body Sea Sponge, Soy Wax Candle, Sea Urchin, and Mini Matches.

succulents for employee gifts

4. Potted Succulent

Sendoso Partner: Yorkville’s

Description: This 4-inch potted Haworthia succulent is a perfect gift for any occasion or season. They’re easy to maintain, help purify the air, and add humidity to the environment.

smores kit as a gift idea

5. S'mores Gift Set

Sendoso Partner: Knack Shops

Description: Includes: 2 Dark Chocolate Bars, 18 Graham Crackers, 10 Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, and 2 Stainless Steel Roasting Sticks.

Culinary Box staff gift

6. Culinary Box

Sendoso Partner: Present Day

Description: This gift includes: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, “Hotel Oscar Tango Hot Sauce, Garlic & Rosemary Sea Salt, Italian Blend Herbs, and Dijon Mustard.

7. Wine Crate

Sendoso Partner: Yorkville’s

Description: This crate elegantly displays a bottle of wine paired with a fig preserve and olives all placed in a beautiful wine gift box.

DIY Decorating Cookie Kit for employees

8. DIY Decorating Cookie Kit

Sendoso Partner: The Cravory

Description: Includes: 12 Sugar Cookies, Vanilla and Chocolate Frosting, and 3 kinds of sprinkles.

Old Fashioned Kit as an employee gift

9. BBQ Old Fashioned

Sendoso Partner: Cocktail Courier

Description: Flavors of dark berries and complex smoke are offset by a pop of bright citrus. This unique blend in this Old Fashioned riff is like a backyard BBQ in a glass.

This Kit Includes: 3 Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Bottle (50ML), Blueberry Algre-Doux, Black Lemon Bitters, Dehydrated Lemon Wheels, & Bourbon Barrel Wood Chips

snacknation box as a gift

10. 15-Snack Box

Sendoso Partner: SnackNation

Description: Enjoy a boost of health and energy with delicious, premium and better-for-you chips, bars, jerky, sweets and more delivered straight to your doorstep!

With every box delivered, SnackNation donates meals to families in need through their partnership with Feeding America.

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees

Hosting Christmas parties is the norm for most companies. But with things changing in the workplace (thanks to lockdowns and a pandemic), you’ll have to adapt. For instance, rather than doing the typical gathering of workers, you can send personalized Christmas gifts instead.

Here are a few corporate gifting ideas you can use to show employees you care.

Bring the Party Home with Popcorn and a Movie

Sometimes, spending an evening with a spouse, family members or close friends is all you need. Promote a night of fun by offering a DVD about famous recipes from popular films throughout history, popcorn, and a movie night quiz to liven things up.

Send Homebound Employees On a Virtual Wine Tour

There’s nothing to warm the spirits like a nice cup of wine. But why not turn it into an experience with a virtual wine tour? This way, your employees can enjoy sipping on wine with their loved ones in the comfort of their living rooms.

Share Delicious Holiday Favorites

Fill your employees’ homes with the sweet aromas of Christmas with holiday favorites like peppermint and chocolate. In this gift package, they can savor the flavor of peppermint chocolate covered pretzels, while enjoying the smell of a crushed candy cane macaron candle.

The fragrance alone may be enough to rekindle fun childhood memories of Christmas at grandma’s.

Bring Warmth to a Cold Holiday Season

Christmas for most people is synonymous with snow and cool weather, so why not spice things up for your employees with a gift of warmth? This present comes with a candle emitting spicy aromas like amber and fir. The perfect smell while relaxing on a cold winter morning sipping on hot chocolate from Toronto and white chocolate cranberry shortbread cookies.

Give Oomph to Holiday Meal Preparation

Maybe you have a few employees who enjoy whisking up a hot meal over the holidays. If so, then a culinary gift set is the perfect present. In this package, your employee will receive 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, hot sauce, seasoning sale, vinegar, dijon mustard, and spice favorites.

Everything you need to make all sorts of savory dishes for family and guests.

Show Your Employees How to Relax

The holidays are about spending time with family. But planning, traveling, and shopping can get in the way of what’s supposed to be a vacation. Use this time to send your employees a gift that teaches mindfulness and relaxation.

This present comes with cards and daily exercises and intentions. There’s even a coloring book with 70 patterns to help take their minds off the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

Promote Fun and Laughter for the Family

Odds are you have employees with families, so why not show them a good time with gift bags of fun and games? With this present, you’re sending puzzles, card games, trivia, charades, and a variety of snacks.

It’s the perfect scenario for a cozy evening indoors with friends and family.

Easily Engage Your Employees With a Gift Today

Any of the above corporate gifting ideas would be most welcome, and well-appreciated by your employees, during the holidays or any time recognition and celebration are in order. They speak to the company culture of your business, and can even create internal brand evangelists out of your most important people.

If you’re a large organization, keeping your corporate gifting initiatives rolling (and on budget) can be a challenge—especially considering you may have several ongoing initiatives in addition to your annual holiday gifting. This is an area in which automation excels, allowing for company-wide sends, departmental programs, or individual incentives with equal ease. If you have a large group of employees you’d reward and delight, automation can make the process easy and (dare we say) far more enjoyable than a DIY send.

If you’d like more information on making a splash with your employee engagement efforts, and would love some help in making it happen, read more here, and reach out for more info on how a Sending Platform can be the best solution for you.

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