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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate gifting is a proven method for engaging with prospects, clients, customers, and more—and for good reason. Research shows that physical items like corporate gifts are easier for people to understand and more memorable than digital media.

Many companies use corporate gifting to provoke action from customers as well, since 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately, compared to only 45% who say they deal with email immediately. Chances are, you’ve probably got one or two corporate gifts lying around your desk or office right now.

But while corporate gifting is effective, to truly make your mark in your recipient’s mind, you’ll need to stand out in the mailbox too. This means having unique corporate gift ideas that will make meaningful and lasting impressions, increase brand awareness, and drive your recipients to take action.

167 Exceptional B2B Gift Ideas for the Holidays

What Makes a Corporate Gift Idea Unique?

There are several ways you can differentiate your company’s corporate gifts from your competitors and increase the likelihood of your send providing a meaningful outcome.
unique corporate gift ideas for people teams

Make It Personalized

Take the time to research your target recipient and try to find a corporate gift that is relevant and practical for their professional or personal lives.

No matter the scale of your corporate gifting outreach, always include a thoughtful handwritten note addressed specifically to every single recipient. Explain why you’re sending your item, what value you hope it will bring, and your plan to continue the conversation. (Need help with writing notes? We’ve got you covered).

Unique One-to-One Corporate Gift Ideas

One-to-one marketing creates relationships with customers via an individualized and personal approach. Thanks to social media like LinkedIn and Twitter, you can tailor experiences for customers based on their interests, behaviors, demographic, and more.

For a one-to-one send, you can really take initiative and get creative with your gift. If your recipient was recently promoted, send them a book for professional development and a congratulatory note requesting a meeting and how your business can help them in their new role. If they’re a big sports fan, send them a hat with their favorite team’s logo and a note about how your businesses would make a “great team.”

Unique One-to-Many Corporate Gift Ideas

One-to-many marketing is a broader approach to outreach. In this strategy, you are targeting groups of customers instead of trying to individualize your communication.

For a one-to-many send, you can still achieve personalization on a mass scale. Consider which industry your corporate gifts are targeting and imagine what items may be relevant to that industry. Send functional gifts like decorative key chains for real estate agents or branded laptop backpacks for startup employees. If your gift serves a purpose in their daily lives and is repeatedly used, your brand can continuously stay top of mind.

To up your company’s perceived value, skip the standard brown boxes and manilla envelopes for these corporate gifts. Instead, add to the joy that 83% of consumers feel when receiving packages by making your packaging exciting to open. Remember, anything with your logo on it is a direct representation of your company, so even the tiniest of details can make a huge impression! Plus, you’ll want to be known as a company that goes the extra mile and is thoughtful rather than one who will spray-and-pray mass impersonal gifts solely to get on a company’s radar.

Make It Actionable

An essential component of corporate gifting is defining a goal this gift can help you achieve. Are you sending a top-of-funnel gift for increasing brand awareness, a middle-of-funnel gift to encourage engagement, or a bottle-of-funnel gift for accelerating pipeline? Establish a gifting strategy by thinking about where your recipient falls in the sales cycle, and how you can receive the most ROI from this send. What call-to-action will make your gift worthy of the time and effort it took to send it?

A successful unique corporate gift should be able to provoke a response. Strive to make your recipient interact with the gift in some way as a part of their call-to-action. Whether they’ve got to assemble a gingerbread house, redeem a code on your website, or share cupcakes with coworkers, create an experience with your send. These experiences will be much more memorable than sending a coffee mug or branded pen.

unique coprorate gift ideas ideation

Best Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

While we can’t promise you that your corporate gift will be the only thing waiting in your recipient’s mailbox, we do promise that our recommendations for unique corporate gift ideas will surely surprise and delight your recipients:

  • A branded hydro-flask water bottle for gym enthusiasts
  • A branded coffee kit to be shared with their entire office
  • A mini terrarium and care-kit that serves as a great conversation starter
  • A desk punching bag for midday stress relief with a note saying, “We fight for our customers!”
  • A desk succulent celebrating new growth for your customers
  • A “movie night” bundle consisting of a Netflix gift card and microwave popcorn
  • Personalized luggage tags for frequent travelers
  • A tug toy or frisbee for someone’s furry friends
  • Branded socks and note saying how your companies make a “great pair.”
  • A puzzle that can be assembled by their whole team along with a note requesting a meeting on how your companies can “fit together.”

(Hint: With Sendoso‘s Amazon integration, you can send practically any unique corporate gift idea you can imagine!)

You also don’t have to spend a fortune on corporate gifting success. If your company does have the luxury of a more flexible budget though, consider sending a one-to-one gift that will really get your recipient talking like a VR headset, a one-year membership to Spotify premium, or a custom painting of a LinkedIn Photo!

100 Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Prospects and Customers

Virtual Fitness Class eGift

1. Virtual Fitness Class eGift

Sendoso Partner: Dryft Live

Dryft is a new fitness studio and workout method that combines strength training and rowing.

coffee gifts for corporate gifting

2. 8 oz. Whole Bean Coffee Bag

Sendoso Partner: Beach City Coffee

Beach City Coffee hand roasts their orders in small batches, which allows them to meticulously monitor the coffee’s first crack, and cool it at the perfect time, and temperature.

They ship out their coffee the day after roasting so that you get to enjoy the coffee at its prime.

cookies in a jar kit for employees

3. Cookies in a Jar

Sendoso Partner: Bonjour Bakehouse

Description: This box contains the dry ingredients and recipe for making the perfect chocolate chip cookies from Bonjour Bakehouse.

personalized thank you cupcakes

4. Chocolate Covered Oreos

Sendoso Partner: Veronica’s Treats

This clear top gift box is beautifully arranged with 4 chocolate covered, Oreo Cookies with ‘Thank You’ imprinted on the top

personalized brownies for corporate gifting

5. 4 Assorted Brownies

Sendoso Partner: Fairytale Brownies

Description: Fairytale Brownies has promised to never cut corners on quality. Their brownies are handcrafted in small batches with the finest all-natural ingredients sourced from around the world.

  • Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate
  • Pure, all-natural ingredients
  • No trans fat, artificial colors or preservatives
  • Certified kosher
  • Individually wrapped for freshness

Every gift includes an individualized gift message card so you can cater your greeting to each recipient.

bundle of flavored popcorn gifts

6. Popcorn 3 Bag Bundle

Sendoso Partner: Toronto Popcorn Company

Description: Each package will come with 3 small bags of popcorn (6 cups each). Each batch is made fresh and with passion using only premium ingredients.

Flavors Include: Old Fashioned Kettle, Parmesan & Herb, and Cheddar Cheese.

7. Red Box Movie Night Bundle

Sendoso Partner: Snack Box USA

Description: Includes: 1 Night DVD Rental Code Gift Card For Redbox, 2 Act II Butter Lovers Popcorn, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, M&M’s, Hot Tamales, Black Forest Gummy Bears, Reese’s, Starburst, and Mike and Ikes

wine tasting as a gift

8. 4-Pack Wine Kit

Sendoso Partner: In Good Taste

Description: In Good Taste makes the highest-rated wine ever bottled in a 187ml glass.

This box includes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Rosé & Pinot Noir.

Red Box Movie Night Bundle corporate gift

9. Airplant

Sendoso Partner: Garden Streets

Description: Airplants require no soil. Simply prop them up on this mini-cement cube to create a live plant ornament.

DIY Chocolate Chip Cookies workplace gift

10. DIY Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sendoso Partner: The Cravory

Description: Bake Cravory Cookies at home! Their Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix makes up to 14 delicious cookies.

snacknation box as a corporate gift

11. 15-Snack Box

Sendoso Partner: SnackNation

Description: Enjoy a boost of health and energy with delicious, premium and better-for-you chips, bars, jerky, sweets and more delivered straight to your doorstep!

With every box delivered, they donate meals to families in need through their partnership with Feeding America.

succulent as a corporate gift idea

12. Potted Succulent

Sendoso Partner: Yorkville’s

Description: This 4-inch potted Haworthia succulent is a perfect gift for any occasion or season. They’re easy to maintain, help purify the air, and add humidity to the environment.

seasonal fruit baskets for corporate gifting

13. Seasonal Fruit Staples

Sendoso Partner: The Fruit Guys

Description: Apples, Citrus, Bananas a Seasonal Surprise! (16 Servings)

As America’s most trusted provider of farm-fresh fruit to offices, they are using their national network of small farms and mission-driven snack providers to bring fruit, snacks, and vegetables now to homes nationwide.

Whoopie Pie Baking Kit

14. Whoopie Pie Baking Kit

Sendoso Partner: Baketivity

Description: An all in one Baketivity kit for kids. One kid’s baking kit makes 8 Whoopie pies.

This Kit Includes: Step by Step Baking Recipe Book, Child Friendly Activity Book, Flour, Sugar, Vanilla Sugar, Cocoa, Baking Soda, Salt, and Whipped Cream.

spice rub corporate gift idea

15. 6 Mini Rub Jars

Sendoso Partner: Spiceology

Description: This new collection of our Spiceology’s delicious blends and rubs won’t just add flavor to your dishes, but can provide support for those in need. Spiceology is donating 10% of the proceeds from this product to food banks and pantries around the country.


Raspberry Chipotle Rub—1 OZ

Smoky Honey Habanero—1 OZ

Maui Wowee Hawaiian Teriyaki Rub—1 OZ

Chile Margarita Citrus Rub—1 OZ

Greek Freek Mediterranean Rub—1 OZ

NEW! Purple Haze All-Purpose Rub—1 OZ

Old Fashioned Kit as an corporate gift

16. BBQ Old Fashioned

Sendoso Partner: Cocktail Courier

Description: Flavors of dark berries and complex smoke are offset by a pop of bright citrus. This unique blend in this Old Fashioned riff is like a backyard BBQ in a glass.

This kit Includes: 3 Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Bottle (50ML), Blueberry Algre-Doux, Black Lemon Bitters, Dehydrated Lemon Wheels, & Bourbon Barrel Wood Chips

17. 12 Cupcakes w/ your logo

Sendoso Partner: Georgetown Cupcakes

Description: Georgetown Cupcake has worked with companies all over the country for all types of corporate gift orders. Companies may have cupcakes customized with corporate logos and/or seasonal decorations, and include personalized gift notes for recipients located across the country.

wine crate gift idea for corporate employees

18. Wine Crate

Sendoso Partner: Yorkville’s

Description: This crate elegantly displays a bottle of wine paired with a fig preserve and olives all placed in a beautiful wine gift box.

tea time gift basket for corporate teams

19. Afternoon Tea Gift Set

Sendoso Partner: KHYVA

This set includes:

  • East India Company Mini Tea Caddy gift set, Cartwright & Butler Stem Ginger Biscuits, Cartwright & Butler Salted Caramel Biscuits, Cartwright & Butler Chocolate Drop Shortbread Rounds Carton, and Cartwright & Butler Demerara Shortbread Rounds Carton.

20. Healthy Snack Haul

Sendoso Partner: Knack Shops

Includes: Figgy Chai Nut Butter Bar, Smoky Almonds, Plantain Chips, Mango Tango Salsa, Pistachio Cherry Mix, California Crispy Fruit Slices, Pineapple and Sweetwood Beef Jerky.

hard seltzer gift for the team
  1. Mental Block Puzzle to Inspire Teamwork
  2. Retro Telephone Headset
  3. World’s Smallest Remote-Controlled Car
  4. Dollar Shave Club Subscription
  5. Branded Football
  6. Head Scratcher/Massager
  7. Mini Back Massager
  8. “Choose Your Own Adventure” eGift Cards
  9. Branded Ornaments
  10. Camera Phone Lenses
  11. Felt Letter Board Sign
  12. Selfie Stick
  13. Tie Clip
  14. Webcam Cover
  15. Aromatherapy Candle or Branded Candle
  16. Car Freshener
  17. Magnetic Sand Hourglass
  18. “You Rock” Rock
  19. Fake Desk Plant
  20. Avocado Huggers
  21. Desk Globe
  22. Hot Sauce Sampler
  23. Wooden Desk Clock
  24. Desk Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  25. Desk Succulent
Branded Yo-Yo as a corporate gift
  1. Custom Bobble Head
  2. Branded Yo-Yo
  3. Silly Handwritten Poem or Limerick
  4. Mini Basketball Backboardv
  5. Custom Painting of Linkedin Photo
  6. Branded Frisbee
  7. Foosball Table
  8. Branded Toilet Paper
  9. Funny Desk Signs
  10. Balance Board
  11. Branded Golf Balls
  12. Nerf Guns
  13. Carry-On Cocktail Kit
  14. Fathead Cutout of Recipient
  15. Motiv Ring
  16. Ugly Holiday Sweater
  17. Polaroid Camera
  18. Booze Pinata
  19. VR Headset
avocado socks as a gift

Entertaining Business Gifts

  1. UrthBox
  2. Sock of the Month
  3. Graze
  4. Year of Spotify Premium
  5. Book of the Month
  6. Inspire Box
  7. Craft Beer Club
  8. Trade Publication
  9. Audible
  10. State Park Membership
  11. Birch Box
  12. Candle of the Month
  13. Year of Amazon Prime
  14. Membership to Airline Lounge
braided Money Tree corporate gift idea

Subscription Gifts

  1. Mini Terrarium
  2. Zen Garden
  3. Echo Show
  4. Lava Lamp
  5. Super Hero Stress Ball
  6. Bonsai Tree
  7. Desk Feet Hammock
  8. Mini Desk Cornhole
  9. Moon Lamp
  10. Himalayan Salt Rock
  11. Game for Office
  12. Desk Succulent
  13. Mug Warmer
  14. Custom Legos
  15. Nanodots
  16. Cloud Magnetic Key Holder
  17. Desk Punching Bag
  18. Pet Rock

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