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CMO Fireside Chat: Marketing Above the Noise

With the 2020 marketing plan of basically every company drastically altered at this point, many marketing teams have made a hastily executed mad dash towards driving quantity of leads any way they can…risking quality in the process.

Sales Assembly sits down with Dan Frohnen, CMO, Sendoso, and Maria Pergolino, CMO, ActiveCampaign, for a double fireside chat where they’ll discuss how their companies have separated themselves from the crowd here in Q2 by focusing on driving quality, meaningful human connections with their prospects.

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Jeff Rosset

Founder & CEO, Sales Assembly

Maria Pergolino

CMO, ActiveCampaign

Dan Frohnen

CMO, Sendoso

Watch this Webinar and you will learn:

  • How to differentiate yourself from competitors now that the lack of in-person sales, conferences, and field marketing events have “leveled the playing field”
  • Best tactics for generating high-quality demand and connecting with your buyers
  • Insights into how to quickly pivot your marketing strategy to ensure you’re reaching your audience effectively