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Everyone is Working From Home - Now What?

We are experiencing a unique moment in time. There is a lot of uncertainty and profound change. Nonetheless, we are also very excited and inspired by the resiliency and ingenuity our customers have shown during these unprecedented challenges.

Download this webinar for creative examples of how some of our customers are staying both top of mind and relevant, but doing so in a way that remains sensitive to everyone’s current situation. Discover three key ways you can maintain human connection during social distancing.

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Lexie Schultz

Manager, Project Management Team, Sendoso

Lauren Barraco

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Sendoso

Zack Alspaugh

Director of Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Sendoso

Watch this webinar, and you'll learn

  • How to create personal connections when we can’t meet in-person
  • Strategies to engage Work From Home prospects
  • See creative examples of marketing from other companies