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The Show Must Go On: Empathy: Your Sales Team’s Secret Weapon

In today’s world, leading with empathy has never been more important for prospect and customer facing teams. But enabling your sales team to lead with authenticity and a human-first approach can be difficult to scale across your entire outbound effort.

So how can you ensure your team is leading with empathy across their entire customer journey? Dan Frohnen, CMO at Sendoso, sits down virtually with Max Altschuler, VP of Marketing at to answer exactly this.

The Show Must Go On is a virtual experience bringing together 10+ innovative SaaS leaders to share how their companies are powering their customer lifecycle, filling demand generation gaps and driving customer engagement during this critical time. Enjoy Outreach’s inspirational fireside chat from this event!

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Max Altschuler

VP of Marketing,

Dan Frohnen

CMO, Sendoso

Watch this Webinar and you will learn:

  • How to approach empowering a sales team with empathy and how to get other teams involved
  • The short term and long term benefits and strategies for customer happiness
  • What does the future of traditional field sales look like with all the changes in the world