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The Secret to Maximizing ROI Across Multiple Buying Groups

Are you tired of trying to achieve your goals with limited success? Are you struggling to find new ways to drive revenue and ROI with a limited budget? Look no further because this webinar has got you covered.

Companies of all sizes are forced to adapt to current economic conditions and find new ways to do “more with less,” drive revenue, pipeline and retention. Those that are doing it right remain competitive in their market, attract new customers, and continuously experience efficient growth. In this session, Neil Shah, Head of Product Marketing at Sendoso will discusses proven strategies and tactics for maximizing ROI across all buying groups.

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Are you utilizing your MarTech stack to its full potential? In a struggling economy where companies are looking to reduce costs, it can be hard to know which tools to keep or get, if you don’t have a clear reason for what you are looking to achieve. Marketers need to first build a strategy around their business and customers so they can deliver value with their MarTech tools.

Join Sendoso’s Linda Fitzek, VP of Revenue Operations, and Jerry Henry, Director of Sales Strategy and Enablement as they discuss how to build a tech stack that aligns with your business needs and your overall strategy.

You’ll specifically learn:

  • How to you can effectively “do more with less”
  • Ways marketing, sales, and CX teams can use direct marketing automation to maximize ROI
  • Real life examples and success stories 
Karen Steele

Speaker: Neil Shah, Head of Product Marketing at Sendoso