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Join Sendoso’s sales verified program and get access to exclusive opportunities, earn rewards and badges for sending.
Sales Verified Supersenders

Sendoso’s Sales Advocacy Program is an opportunity for customers like you to earn rewards for actions you might already be taking to help us out. Become a member and you’ll get invitations to engage in anything from answering surveys to writing reviews to presenting at our events. You only participate when and if it works for you.

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Sales Verified Supersender Benefits


As a member of the Sales Verified SuperSender Program you can:

  • Earn Badges to show your Sendoso expertise on social media
  • Enjoy special opportunities and experiences
  • Get introduced to peers and thought leaders across industries
  • Win awards to showcase your success
  • Let us highlight you and your team’s success through our social channels and content
  • Get spoiled with the latest and greatest in limited-edition Sendoso swag and perishables

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Becoming a member is easy, fast, and free. Don’t miss out on cool swag, exclusive experiences, and a chance to build your personal brand.

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