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At Sendoso, the possibilities are endless

Sendoso is where you go to build something bigger than yourself. We’re a Series C, SaaS company founded in 2016 in San Francisco, California, USA. Trusted by startups, small businesses, middle-market companies, and enterprise corporations, we simplify corporate gifting for more than 800+ customers and 20,000+ active users. With multiple revenue streams and a recent bolster of $154M in venture capital funding, we are on an unprecedented growth trajectory. Our new office in Dublin is booming, and we’re looking for people like you who want to do great things.

What is Sendoso?

Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform™, is the most effective way to send personalized gifts, virtual experiences, branded swag, and eGifts at scale. We are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that helps our customers in marketing, sales, HR, and customer experience teams stand out from commonplace practices by helping them adopt the power of elevated, corporate gifting.

Our scalable, personalized, and proven approach helps them see significant increases in the metrics they care about most. Time savings per campaign. Increases in conversion rates. Higher retention rates. Lower employee turnover rates. Improved brand affinity. And more.

What is Sendoso's mission?

Our mission is to help companies rise above the noise and enable businesses everywhere to make more human connections in a digital world.

Fun with the Dublin team

Our core values

Sendoso Value - Conquer Giants

Conquer Giants

We get things done. Moxie is in our DNA, and we’re breaking down the barriers that separate the world.

Sendoso Value - One Team

One Team

Everyone belongs here, and whether it’s your first day or you’re the CEO, your voice and ideas matter to us.

Sendoso Value - Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter

It’s a cluttered, digital world out there, but our connections are real. We’re all human, so we treat each other and our customers like humans too.

Sendoso Value - Reinvent


Forget thinking big. We think meteoric by redefining what’s possible and shaping the future of human connection.

We believe relationships matter—because people matter

And we embrace people of every race, gender, social class, age, religion, identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, or any other aspect that makes us unique. We loudly affirm that our team members are safe at work from discrimination and hate. Our Sendoso Diversity Council meets once a month to foster dialogue, report on disparities and achievements, and provide recommendations for making Sendoso an inclusive space that celebrates diversity in all forms.

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What is it like to work at Sendoso Dublin?

We’ve just landed in Dublin and we’re excited for the journey to come. We work hard, but we enjoy what we do and get to see how it contributes to the success of the business. No two days in a start-up are the same, and that couldn’t be more true than in Sendoso.

We work together, we meet regularly for coffee, hikes, and beers. We communicate daily through mediums like Slack and Zoom calls. We meet as a team once a week to get together, share the good news, give updates, and have a chat.

The team is growing, almost every week! So no one is new for very long. Everyone is welcomed and we all understand the importance of working as a team.

What does Sendoso’s Technical team do?

Sendoso’s technical teams build our product and manage the infrastructure and tools that support the Sendoso platform. In Dublin, the engineering team works on the catalog, search, recommendations, vendor integrations, and more within the marketplace of the Sendoso platform—a huge component of our platform.

We also have a very strong site reliability engineer (SRE) function. Engineers work closely with local product managers and together, they work out solutions to business challenges.

We have a very open style and invite people to suggest alternatives. We hold design reviews and get cross-company sign-off. In that way, your ideas get turned into functional software deployed on the global Sending Platform.

As category creators, we are solving problems given to us by the business. We craft each of our technical solutions, so this number of mandates will grow, and so will the opportunities around expertise and technologies.

While we are a Ruby on Rails shop with a full-stack focus, we do love to speak with front and back specialists. If you’re familiar with Python or Golang, your skills are transferable. And if you are open and curious about using new technologies— you might be the sort of engineer that will love Sendoso.

From the outset, we have set ourselves up to work in an asynchronous manner. So flexible working is in our DNA. Our platform delivers service to some of the world’s best-known brands. Operational excellence and quality of service are paramount. The software you will work on is foundational to that and will enable us to scale globally.

What jobs is Sendoso hiring for?

Dublin is the European HQ for Sendoso. It will include technology and operations for EMEA. Our roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical teams who build our marketplace
    • Software engineers
    • SREs
  • Superstar customer-facing teams to support our growth
    • Customer support roles
    • Gift Curation roles
  • Logistical infrastructure to deliver our handpicked gifts on-time
    • Supply chain roles
    • Buyer roles
    • Supply planning roles
  • Software development to keep our platform running
  • Inside sales teams to foster new relationships
  • For non specific role enquiries please contact us at

The European HQ is a business centre. We do not operate in silos but as a cohesive unit. We are building a platform that will enable scale and high-quality growth.

What does Sendoso’s Operations team do?

The Operations aspect of this business focuses on 3 key areas:

  1. Supply chain and logistics
  2. Direct marketplace
  3. Our send curation function

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our supply chain and logistics teams are here to make the gifting experience smoother. We solve unique challenges in logistics and supply chain through meaningful data tracking and reporting. We focus on solving exceptions and support carriers in the last mile delivery to maintain a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

Direct Marketplace

Sendoso Direct Marketplace is more than a catalogue of products. It is a carefully designed selection of unique products from a dedicated network of vendors across the globe, experts in their own fields. From freshly baked brownies to small batch distilled gin, hand-poured candles to glorious snack hampers, Marketplace is bursting with cleverly crafted gifts.

The Buyers are the heart of this treasure trove that we search high and low for, from continent to county to source the best of the best products from local producers and worldwide distributors.

Send Curation

Our Send Curation team creates exceptional customer experiences through uniquely crafted Sends, aka our term for physical gifts. We help our customers with ideation, sourcing of items, and campaign management based on their target audience, campaign objectives, and external corporate gifting trends. These are just some of the areas our Send Curation team can be found working on.

What kind of people does Sendoso hire?

At Sendoso, we look for two key characteristics in people. We hire people who are KIND and we hire people who are CURIOUS.

The values that the company aspires to are clearly demonstrated by the behaviour of people. People who are KIND are respectful of each other, and create a safe place to express popular and unpopular opinions. It creates a culture where people don’t feel afraid to make decisions and mistakes. They own their decisions. We all make mistakes. At Sendoso, we dust ourselves off, learn from the lesson, and move on. We don’t have time to be looking in the rearview mirror. We course-correct and keep looking forward.

People who are CURIOUS look for new ways, explore new options, propose new technologies and solutions, suggesting better ways. We WANT you to question and solve challenges as they are identified and worthy of attention. The ability to shape the future is yours. You have willing colleagues who welcome the insight and suggestions.

These behaviours move Sendoso at speed, and with creativity. They are the characteristics of people who want to bring Sendoso, a category creator, further and faster.

Whether you are conquering giants or reinventing, being part of one team, or underpinning that relationships matter, we know that if you are curious and kind, you have all you need.

These are the people we hire at Sendoso.

Where are your offices located in Dublin?

Our Dublin offices are based in Grand Canal House, about 100m from the Dart station. It is well serviced by public transport links and Dublin Bike racks. It is a modern structure overlooking the canal. It has extensive facilities including plenty of secure bicycle storage and showers.

Do you allow for remote work?

As we build the business, we will do so on the basis of our employees attending for a purpose. The various different business streams based in Dublin have different needs in terms of gathering together as a team. We are leaving it up to the teams to decide on what is appropriate.

Some teams will find that the nature of their work means they need to gather frequently. Other teams are less so. Some people may have the purpose of simply being amongst colleagues to be social. Grab a coffee, share dinner after work, go to a match, go kayaking. That is perfectly fine and encouraged. It is your purpose.

Our business is focussed on deliverables, and the flexible work arrangements whereby you work from home or attend in the office are shaped by our success in achieving delivery targets. When we meet with you to discuss any job opportunity please feel free to ask about your team’s flexible working model.

What Sendoso can do for you!

At Sendoso, you will have a chance to be part of something special. You will have the chance to join one of the world’s fastest-growing tech companies working on never–done–before technology, providing a never–seen–before service. You’ll have the chance to learn and be challenged. You will be trusted to work using your own initiative, to set a standard within an emerging industry. And, you will meet new people, make new friends, as well as have a lot of fun in the process!