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$65M in pipeline and $30M in recognized revenue from one Sendoso holiday campaign

How Anaplan influenced revenue with a Sendoso holiday campaign.

With Anaplan's ABM Manager,

Colleen Jackson


Reaching and engaging with prospects attached to pipeline to accelerate revenue in Q4 and beyond.


To date, one Sendoso campaign has influenced $65M in pipeline and $30M in recognized revenue.


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Anaplan, Inc. (NYSE: PLAN) is a cloud-native enterprise SaaS company that empowers global organizations to orchestrate business performance and execute digital transformation with confidence and agility.


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Enterprise Performance Management

Increasing ABM Impact

Anaplan, a publicly traded enterprise software company with over 2,000 employees incorporates sending as an integral piece of its ABM program, helping them create new pipeline opportunities, increase deal velocity, and drive revenue. Direct mail, gifting, and branded swag fuels their one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many ABM campaigns.

Marketing and sales work closely to operate a full-funnel ABM model, create relationships, and personalize follow-ups with contacts at target accounts.

‘Tis the Season of Sending

At the beginning of Q4 2020, the marketing team launched an ABM holiday campaign. They worked directly with Sendoso’s Send Curation team to source items for the bundle: holiday card treat, sweet treat, latest high-value content, and a handwritten note. Once the items were inventoried, the Sendoso warehouse team built 350 bundles, and the organization’s marketing team shipped them to their target accounts.

The team used Marketo to email over 800 executives with an option to opt-in by confirming their mailing address. When confirmed, it automatically triggered a Sendoso send. With Sendoso’s Salesforce integration, sales was empowered to get real-time delivery notifications, personalize messaging, and send timely follow-ups.

Results were off the charts, 35% opted-in, resulting in the company’s best performing marketing campaign of the year influencing $65M in pipeline with 22% closed and still growing.

$30M in Recognized Revenue

Because they cater to enterprise-level companies, the company saw results for two quarters after they launched. To date, the holiday campaign has influenced $65M in pipeline and recognized $30M in revenue.

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